The Andalusian Aerospace industry increased 4.5% its sales and reached almost 14,000 jobs
16 de September de 2016
Susana Díaz presided over the presentation of the `Aeroespace Annual Report in Andalusia 2015´, held at Aerópolis
Presentation of the aerospace annual report at Aerópolis
The President of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, chaired last September at Aerópolis the presentation of the `Aeroespace Annual Report in Andalusia 2015´, which confirmed one more year the growth trend in the industry, revealing a total turnover of €2,343 and the creation of 1,052 new direct jobs.

The Report, carried out by Hélice Cluster, states that the aerospace sector increased 4,5% its sales in 2015 (more than €100 million compared to 2014) while the growth in the rest of Spain was just 2.63%. The direct employment also increased 8.3% in employment, reaching 1.740 professionals, while the rest of Spain increased 4.5%. The results confirm one more year that aeronautics in Andalusia is a strong and consolidated industry, a strategic activity that creates wealth and employments and strengthens the productive fabric in the Region.

The Andalusian Aerospace sector, with its 118 companies, maintained and increased the growth figures despite the global economic downturn of recent years. The evolution of the sector has been especially significant in the last decade, a period in which has tripled its turnover (€848 in 2006) and doubled the number of jobs (6,206 in 2006).

Highly skilled jobs (managers, engineers and university graduates) continued to grow last year and reached 35% in the sector. Those profiles, together with the skilled operators, represent 90% of the total sector in Andalusia. According to the report, this growth in qualified profiles is due to the entry into production of major international programmes.

Regarding overall sales, Airbus products increased 1.17% compared to the previous years and those of Airbus D&S increased in 3.38%. The A400M programme represents 26% of the total sales of the sector and 19% of the sales of the supply chain (Tier 1 and auxiliary companies), while the A350 represents 7% and 13% respectively.

The sales of the Andalusian Aerospace sector already represent 24.3% of total sales in the sector in Spain and 32.5% of employment. Data reinforce Andalucia as one of the three most important aeronautical hubs of Europe, together with Toulouse and Hamburg, and as the second region in the sector in a national level.

Thus, the contribution to the sector to Andalusian GDP grew one more year, from 1.58% to 1.62%. This positive trend is linked to the increase in the rate of production of the A400M and the A350, international programmes in which Andalusian companies have an important participation. Therefore, the positive trend is expected to grow in the coming years.

The auxiliary industry leads the growth in jobs and sales

The auxiliary industry is the key player of the growth in the sector, 9.81% in employment (979 direct jobs more, reaching 10,430) and 971 million in sales (13.1% more).  The supply chain remains highly specialised in aerostructures (63% of the total), and has increased the sales by engineering and quality services, which already account for a quarter of the total. At the same time, equipment and systems keep relevance with a 6% of the total sales, together with the higher value-added activities. Regarding turnover per employee, ratio related to productivity, it increases in auxiliary industry to €93,000 (€90,000 in 2014).

Moreover, the turnover of the main companies in the sector remains stable, with 1.373 million € in 2015, and employment grows 3.76%, reaching 3.300 employees, mainly from Airbus D&S.



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