Sofitec Aero
Juan Olivert 38
Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia Aerópolis
41309 La Rinconada (Sevilla)
Phone: 954115123
Activity / Technology
  • Sheet metal
  • Composites
  • Manufacture and assembly of mechanisms and structures
  • Engineering
  • Machining
  • Aerostructures assembly
  • Subassemblies
  • Final processes
  • Surface treatments
  • Tooling
Sofitec is a consolidated company in the area of integral manufacture of aerostructures. Considered to be “Best supplier” by Airbus for its subsidiary Airbus Military, Sofitec has managed to position the company as reference supplier in Europe for Airbus, Bombardier, Eurocopter, etc., as well as for other international aerostructure manufacturers. The company is specializing in the manufacture of metal components and composites, mechanical cables and aerostructure subassemblies, carrying out comprehensive product management. Sofitec provides services such as manufacture of aerostructures in composite, machined, metal-metal and sealing and thermoplastics; and metallic materials for machined of aluminium, titanium or steel, sheet forming and hydroforming processes and mechanical cables. The company also excels at providing services in the area of assembly of subassemblies using different technologies (composites/metallic and plastic materials) as well as other special processes. Located on the site of Aerópolis, Sofitec has 10,000 square meters premises with two production plants. The company is currently working for Airbus, Airbus Military, Cassidian, Boeing, Eurofighter, and Aernnova for the programmes A320, A340, A330 MRTT, A350, A380, B777, A400M, EF2000, C295 and CN235.

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