Ontech Security
Hispano Aviación 7-9
41309 La Rinconada (Sevilla)
Phone: +34 955 314 552
Web: www.ontech.es
e-Mail: info@ontech.es
Activity / Technology
  • Manufacture and assembly of mechanisms and structures
  • Assembly of equipment and systems
  • Services
Ontech Security specializes in advanced electronic security systems, which focuses on the development of their own products and solutions based on advanced sensorization through a unique and patented technology internationally, with controlled magnetic fields (CMF) sensors. Started in 2012, its mission is to contribute with its technology in improving people’s security and properties both in the private and industrial sphere. The company develops innovative high-tech sensorization systems to meet the real demands of the market, looking for continuous improvement and affecting society and industry, with the basic principles of flexibility and constant technological surveillance. Industrial safety and domestic security are the two main business lines of Ontech, through which develops some R&D projects.

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