More than 130 entrepreneurs attend the Seminar on Access to European Funding in the Defence Sector in Aerópolis
03 de November de 2016
The Regional Minister of Employment, José Sánchez Maldonado, encourages businesses and governments to be more active and present projects to ERDF Operational Programme for Andalusia
The Regional Minister of Employment, Business and Commerce, José Sánchez Maldonado, encouraged businesses and governments `to be more active and dare to participate, to cooperate, to submit more proposals and projects´ to ERDF Operational Programme for Andalusia 2014-2020, which makes available in the region around 2,000 million euros, concentrated in areas such as R & D, ICT, SME competitiveness and transition to a low carbon economy.

Sánchez Maldonado made these statements during his participation in the "Seminar on Access to EU Funding for the Defence Sector", which brought together more than 130 entrepreneurs and has been organized by the European Defence Agency, the Ministry of Defence and the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia, a forum in which he stressed that ´now all European regions are positioning in a new framework full of challenges and opportunities."

The Regional Minister also stressed the work assigned to regional administrations, i.e., `to be able to accompany companies and administrations by providing a framework of strong support in terms of incentives and ensuring the right environment for innovation´. ´We are very aware of the need to activate regional policies that complement EU policies, for reasons of expediency and efficiency´, remarked the Minister, later adding that "regional activities, based on European programs promoting innovation and competitiveness, ensure a multiplier effect of these and possible synergies´.

To this end, the Government of Andalusia designed the Agenda for Employment or Economic Plan 2020, later supplemented by the Innovation Strategy of Andalusia or RIS3, a document which also aims as a transversal action, to promote a strong and competitive industry, an objective developed by the Andalusian government with a specific planning, the "Andalusia Industrial Strategy 2020".

The Seminar

The organization of this seminar is part of the activity that the IDEA Agency has been developing in support of the dual activities, in collaboration with other national and international institutions. The need to bring European funding closer to companies developing dual activities was one of the results of the Seville Declaration signed during the International Conference on Dual Technologies under the Regional Strategies for Smart Specialisation, held in Seville a year ago.

Signed by all the actors in the private sector, regional, national and European related to dual-use technologies field, the Seville Declaration includes a number of recommendations to the European Commission, the European Defence Agency, Member States and regional authorities for the process of designing policies and measures to support European industry and R & D agenda in the field of dual-use, in order to better develop the future potential of these technologies.

The search for opportunities so that Andalusian companies can take the most of European funds is one of the priorities of the Government of Andalusia for this new European 2014-2020. Proof of this is the participation of Andalusia through the IDEA Agency in the Clean Sky initiative, the main European research program in aeronautics, with a comprehensive approach that integrates all components of the value chain of the sector for solutions that contribute to sustainability in the aerospace activity.

Through an agreement between the IDEA Agency and Clean Sky, signed in June 2015, synergies between programs and calls for incentives of both institutions are established, facilitating the participation of Andalusian companies in this program, which offers companies 4,000 million euros for 2014-2020 R & D framework. The most important element of Clean Sky is that, through its calls, it introduces Andalusian companies –especially SMEs- in the supply chains of large European companies in the aeronautical sector.



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