Earle Ovigton, 2. Plot 1
Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia Aerópolis
41309 La Rinconada (Sevilla)
Web: www.faasa.com
For further information:
Sebastian Almagro Aerodrome. Motorway Fuente Palmera 4.5 km. PO box 45
14700 Palma del Rio (Córdoba)
Phone: 957 710 460
Activity / Technology
  • General Aviation
  • Services
  • Advicing and professional works certification
Grupo Faasa currently employs more than 450 professionals from different backgrounds between Europe and Latin America. In addition, it has a fleet of aircraft and helicopters with more than 80 aircrafts qualified to carry out all types of aerial works such as firefighting, rescue, aerial surveillance, external cargo and sanitary emergencies, among others. The company consists of seven companies devoted to the aeronautical sector. In Europe, it has four companies, two air carriers and two dedicated to training. Faasa Aviación is located in Palma del Río and the group’s headquarters since 1966. The other operator is Elitellina, recently acquired and located in the region of Italian Lombardy. In terms of training, it has the Andalusian Centre for Aeronautical Teaching, CAENA, which provides training for aircraft maintenance technicians, avionics and helicopter pilots and, on the other hand, SEILAF, which is a simulated training platform for pilots in flight and for all agents involved in a forest fire. It also has a Bell 412 helicopter simulator classified by the competent authority as Full Flight Simulator level B to certify flight hours. In Latin America, it has two branches: Faasa Chile and Calquin Helicopters that offer a wide range of air services both in Chile and in neighbouring countries. Lastly, it also has the Sebastián Almagro Foundation, which conveys all the values of the company, such as respect for the environment and the approach of the aeronautical sector to all civil society.

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