Aerópolis also provides other specialized services and capabilities derived from the institutions located on the site of the Park and with which it has an on-going and open collaboration. These capabilities include:


-Airbus Military Flight Simulator and Training Centre
This is about pioneering aerospace premises at a global level and the first military simulation and training centre in Spain. This centre welcomes over 1,000 students per year for the aircrafts of the European manufacturer such as the A400M.

-San Pablo International Airport (Seville)
Located close to the Airbus Military Plant and the FAL for the A400M (Aerópolis South Enclave), it is one of the prime connecting ways with the external side. It also facilitates communication between aerospace companies and air transport. 

For the companies being in Aerópolis encourages the collaboration with research teams from the University of Seville and from the University Pablo Olavide and be in contact with the young talented resources provided by the School of Aerospace Engineering. In addition, Aerópolis is part of the Board of Trustees of the International Campus of Excellence “Andalucía Tech”, supporting the development of the aerospace hub as the Technological and Scientific Park exclusively devoted to this industry and as one of the driving force within the Andalusian aerospace sector.


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