Aerópolis brings together the best travel companions within the aerospace industry: over 75 enterprises involved in the prime International aerospace programmes developed by world’s major OEMs (Airbus Group, Embraer, Eurofighter, Boeing, Bombardier, Sikorsky, Agusta).

Some companies are committed to Aerópolis such as the European great manufacturer Airbus under the Airbus Group, and two of the three Spanish tier one suppliers, Alestis Aerospace and Aernnova.
Since the Aerópolis opening, a number of companies have been constantly interested in Aerópolis as a consequence new incorporations have been carried out provoking a situation of rapid filling (80% of industrial ground and  71% of industrial warehouses).

In addition, this growth has been parallel to the growth of the Aerópolis companies, being a key element as per the Andalusian aerospace industry development in the last decade including sales and employees increment as well as other notably important concerns such as diversification and technological capability, R&D&I or employees qualification.
At the end of 2016, Aerópolis companies involved a total of 1,105.55 million euros in business volume and created 5,517 jobs.

Directory of companies


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