D&B Tech
Aerospace Incubator Chamber of Commerce.
Wilbur y Orville Wright, 27.
Aerópolis, Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia.
41309 La Rinconada (Sevilla)
Phone: 691 601 929
Web: www.dbtech.es
e-Mail: alobo@dbtech.es
For further information: Headquarters:
C/ Pablo Iglesias, 7. 41928 - Palomares del Río (Sevilla) :
Tfno. 675051200 :
e-mail: info@dbtech.es
Activity / Technology
  • Testing
  • Engineering
  • Services
D & BTech emerged 8 years ago as a "spin-off" of the University of Seville, specifically the Department of Fluid Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering. During the first years of activity, it has focused on two main lines of activity: i) development of diffusers for the efficient transfer of gases in fluids with various applications: chemical industry, food, biotechnology, etc. and ii) consulting based mainly on the CFD Numerical Simulation. On the occasion of the constitution of the Business Incubator in Aerópolis, the aeronautical sector has been added as one of the sectors in which to apply their knowledge and experience in consultancy related to fluid mechanics. The behavior of the fluids is often not very intuitive, making it difficult, and often impossible, to predict the impact or effect of the flows in a design or operational improvement phase. The numerical simulations CFD allow to predict successfully the behavior of the fluids in movement. Currently, they are involved in the preparation of projects that require the use of this tool (especially Clean Sky) as well as others related to composting curing autoclaves and wind tunnel tests.

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