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Early Ovington 24
Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia Aerópolis
41309 La Rinconada (Sevilla)
Phone: 954 11 50 84 / 685 757 862
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Custar is a company specializing in file safe-keeping, digitalization and documental management established in 1987 thanks to the boost of a group of entrepreneurs from the Basque Country and Navarra who expanded the activity in the region and then up and down the country. Custar’s headquarters are in Vitoria and at the Aerospace Technological Park of Andalucía,  Aerópolis, from which the company provides its services according to the needs of each customer with the objective of giving added value, providing cost saving, improving competitiveness and increasing flexibility and response capability. Custar services involves file safe-keeping, storage and documental management in paper and digital as well as online storage; digitalization, file retrieval, generation of data bases and confidential destruction of paper and digital documents. They are certified with ISO 9001:2008 and System of Information Security Management ISO 27001:2005 (SGSI), at the headquarters of Seville and Vitoria.

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