CT Ingenieros
Aerospace Innovation and Engineering Center
Hispano Aviación, 11 2ª Floor

41309 La Rinconada (Sevilla)
Phone: 955 658 334
Web: www.ctingenieros.es
e-Mail: jjimenez@ctingenieros.es
For further information: José Evelio Jiménez
Activity / Technology
  • Consulting
  • Manufacture and assembly of mechanisms and structures
  • Training
  • Engineering
  • Services
CT Ingenieros is an international engineering group with more than 1,500 engineers working in the aeronautical, naval, automotive, railway, industrial, energy and architectural sectors. CT covers the entire product life cycle by developing design engineering, manufacturing engineering and after-sales support engineering. CT is a preferred supplier of E2S engineering and ME3S manufacturing services to Airbus worldwide to whom it provides engineering in its most important aeronautical programs. In Sevilla CT carries out design and calculation engineering for the A350, manufacturing engineering for the HTP of the A330, A350 and A380, the belly fairing of the A380 and A350, the section 19 / 19.1 of the A350 and A380, MRO activities for the A400M, A330MRTT, C295, C235 and C212 as well as the retrofit of the A400M. It also performs MRB/IRM activities for the retrofit of the A400M, A380 and A350. In customer services it carries out the service bulletins for the A400M and A330MRTT and is present in various activities of technical publications of management and realization of the manuals. It also runs spare parts management tasks for the Airbus D & S fleet. CT helps its clients achieve their goals because they see opportunities where others see barriers. Each day, they work side- by-side with the customer in all engineering areas to cover the product life cycle. CT understands their needs and provides solutions ensuring a close, comfortable and flexible dialogue that helps them to be more effective and competitive. CT has about 20 offices located in Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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