CESA (Héroux-Devtek Spain)
Wilbur y Orville Wright 13
Aerópolis Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia

41300 San José de la Rinconada (Sevilla)
Phone: 916 247 727
Web: www.cesa.aero
e-Mail: contactcesa@cesa.aero
Activity / Technology
  • Testing
  • Manufacture and assembly of mechanisms and structures
  • Engineering
  • Aerostructures assembly
  • Assembly of equipment and systems
  • Services
  • Mechanical transformations
CESA (Héroux-Devtek Spain) is specialised in fluid mechanics equipment sector. The shares of the company belong to Airbus Defence and Space (60%) and UTC Aerospace Systems (40%). It works directly for large integrators like Airbus DS, Airbus, Eurofighter, TAI, and Sikorsky, and prestigious TIER 1 such as Aernnova and Safran Group. CESA is leader in developing new technologies programmes, electromechanical actuators and fuel batteries. Its main activities include not only design, development and production, but also maintenance (in Getafe and Sevilla centres) and after sales service of equipment and fluid mechanical systems for Aircraft and aerospace applications. CESA is specialized in landing gear, wheels, air-refuelling systems, hydraulic, pneumatic and fuel systems. CESA works also directly in the Airbus FAL in Seville fitting out engines, wheels and brakes assembly and propellers for CN235, C295 and A400M aircraft, including daily support to Flight Test Centre. It also offers support at FAL for several customers (Diehl, Ratier, Airbus DS Tablada, Messier, among others), as well as operators of the A400M (France, Malaysia and Spanish Airforce in Zaragoza).

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