ARUS Andalucía Racing Team
Aerospace Incubator Chamber of Commerce.
Wilbur y Orville Wright, 27.

41309 La Rinconada (Sevilla)
Phone: 626 346 688
Activity / Technology
  • Composites
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Engineering
  • Electric/electronical material
  • Machining
Every project starts with a dream. An idea. A '' and why not? '' That ends up becoming a goal. Our idea: Represent Seville, Andalusia and Spain in the most important university motor racing competition on the planet, the Formula Student, designing, manufacturing and competing in the best-known European Formula 1 circuits against the most prestigious universities in the world. And as we all know, the most important thing of an idea is to give it life. ARUS Andalucía Racing is a team of more than ninety students from different fields and degrees from the University of Seville, united by a passion for motorsport and an interest in technological innovation. For ten months we carried out the design and manufacture of the single-seater with which to compete. From the blackboard to the asphalt we grow as a team, we train and we make ARUS, an idea that emerged five years ago, and that already has four designed single-seaters, is exceeded year after year

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