Aerospace Incubator Chamber of Commerce
Wilbur y Orville Wright, 27
Aerópolis, Aerospace Technology Park of Andalusia.
41309 La Rinconada (Sevilla)
Phone: 955 110 898
Activity / Technology
  • Services
The Seville Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping was created on 13th June 1886 and is a government-owned enterprise pursuant to the current state and regional regulations. (Law 3/1993, of March 22, Basic of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Spain and Law 10/2001 of October 11, Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Shipping of Andalusia). The Chamber of Commerce of Seville aims representation, promotion and defence of the general interests of Commerce, Industry and Shipping, and the provision of services to businesses. In addition, it is configured as an advisory body and collaboration with public administrations representing general interests of companies. Its activities and services are devoted to business creation and support, internationalization, training and employment, and new technologies. The Chambre has been settled up in Aerópolis for a year, developing business incubation projects in its business incubator, the first aerospace technology transfer business incubator in Spain.

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